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On the Swiss motorways (national roads), tax applies to all motor vehicles and trailers up to a total weight of 3.5 tonnes each (e.g. passenger vehicles, caravans, motorcycles, etc.) and to motor vehicles and trailers with a total weight of over 3.5 tonnes each that are not subject to the heavy vehicle charge.

The information underneath should give you a brief overview about the Swiss Motorway Sticker. If you have any additional question, or if you want to ask an expert, then please visit the following webpage:
Vignette.ch of Swiss Federal Customs Administration FCA.

National roads subject to taxation:
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Where to buy?
Post offices, petrol stations, garages, touring club offices (TCS) and Customs

Where to set up?

40 Swiss francs (ca. 37 Euro)

Dec. 1st to Jan. 31th (14 months)

Vignette surveillance
In case of an incorrect set up or missing vignette, you will be fined with an amount of 200 Swiss francs. In addition, a valid vignette must be bought immediately. Please be reminded that the police enforce the vignette on a regular basis.

Incorrect set up = Invalid!
Wrong! This car driver will be ticketed by the police. The vignette must be affixed to the windshield.

Other toll roads:
Car transport:

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Last update Jan 7 2020